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Yesterday John and I took a ride across the bridge to Bristol to visit the Blithewold Mansion. Well it turned out the mansion and greenhouse were closed but the gardens were open to roam. Though we had driven by it many times before, we had never visited. It was a great surprise and we would highly recommend it to all of you garden lovers.
The grounds are laid out so well and there are many mature specimens of trees to see...from giant Sequoia Redwoods to a lovely weeping Beech and many trees from Asia.
We especially loved the 'Yellow Groove' Bamboo grove, walk through and hear the leaves rustling and the canes gently tapping against each other, look up to see the sky through a tapestry of leaves and canes. Also along one edge the gardeners have gently bent and anchored the 30 foot canes to the ground forming a 5 foot bower to walk through and enter the grove from another direction.

There are lovely smaller gardens and a woodland walk that takes you by well labeled specimen trees and numerous charming outbuildings and then we were able to walk around the porches of the impressive mansion, all this and then the spectacular views of
Narraganset Bay and even a few paths that lead right down to the glistening waters.

It was a beautiful 50 degree winter day, brisk yet sunny. It is wonderful to have this property available to the public. There is an honor box in which to leave the 5 dollar entrance fee which was a nice feature and well worth the price.

As we headed back on the road towards home we passed an Audubon Society Environment Education Center and dropped in for a visit where we were rewarded again for our trip across the bridge. This property is also on the bay and affords beautiful views. A stroll through this protected site brings you through a cornfield, a meadow, a fantastic curved boardwalk above a salt marsh and to our beautiful bay.
What a privilege it is to live in the Ocean State.

We have also been spending some of our free time catching up on some movies that we've missed and one that really hit home for us is The Future of Food
Although we are aware of many of the issues discussed in the film, it was an eye opener for us and is a must see because it shows to what a large extent the growing of food is being taken over by the large multinational chemical and drug companies like Monsanto. The film also discusses the spread of Genetically Modified crops and some of the unintended consequences of the use of this largely untested technology.

If you have an interest in learning more about what's going on in the world of "GMO", check out GMWatch

And if you're interested in the alternative...that is to say, Sustainable Agriculture, pay a visit to AcreUSA

So now is the time to dream our dreams and make our plans, whether large or small for our gardens in the coming seasons.

We wish you all pleasant dreams.

Joyce & John

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