Rhode Island's only Certified Organic Garden Center
HO, HO, HO, where else would you go
for that perfect Christmas tree

For those who don't already know, every year at this time, John goes out on his sleigh, otherwise known as his pickup truck, and hand-selects
every tree we sell. We feel this is the best way to ensure that
everyone will have a tree that's as good as it can be.

So if you're still got some shopping to do we invite you to do do it
in our relaxed atmosphere where you'll find some truly
unique treasures that will make this season special.
As always, we'll have some of Joyce's goodies on hand to
enhance your shopping experience.

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll find when you come.

Premium grade
Balsam Fir
Christmas Trees

from 5 feet small to 10 feet tall
plain & decorated WREATHS and ROPING

**For tips on how to care for your
Christmas tree and indoor plants
for the season click here to link to our website.
Rosemary Trees
more to bring in some color for the Holidays

Monday-Thursday 10-5, Friday 10-7, Saturday & Sunday 9-6

1800 Scituate Avenue Hope, RI
phone us at 401-826-3130 or visit our web site



for directions, visit the Directions link on our web site

Attention Good Earthlings, here's an update for those who have asked about Luca and Melody.

We found a great home for Luca, with loving parents and four wonderful children who adore him. He has his own barn and several outbuildings, is lavished with love and attention and is thriving as the only cat at Dunn Farm. Though we miss him, this was the best thing for Luca and all of our other cats. Thank you to all who sent good wishes and prayers for Luca, it worked!

As for Melody, other than very brief visits to R.I. to visit her boyfriend and their home, she has been living back home in California since last January. She is nursing her Dad back to health as they wait for a transplant for him. She misses R.I., The Good Earth, and all of our customers. We wish her Dad a speedy recovery and Melody a chance to come back to her R.I. home soon.