Spring is here at THE GOOD EARTH
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At last, Spring has sprung!
Spring appears to have come tantalizingly close then suddenly retreats, this is what we have come to call the dance of spring which seems to whet our appetite for warmth , sunshine, flowers, fresh green food and the joyful bird songs.
Whatever your outlook on the state of our world or the future we welcome you all to The Good Earth. Wherever you worship or don t, whomever you love, whatever you value we invite you to come together around what unites us all; good food, art, culture, nature, family, gardens filled with flowers and vegetables, birds and bees. So, let s make our gardens, shop small, bank small and celebrate happiness, rebirth, love, and that thing called spring.
This year we are privileged to have a great team and we re going to need them! Joyce is recovering from a fractured wrist and John recently had surgery for a hernia. There will be no heavy lifting for either of us for a while!
In the garden center, we re happy to have Elspeth and Sue with us again this year planting, transplanting, making the place look good and taking very good care of all our customers.
Out on the farm we have Rachael, Samantha and Mary, three young farmers who love to grow veggies and despite the vagaries of the weather are managing to get all our crops planted on schedule.

For all you veggie lovers we have plenty of seedlings for your vegetable garden;
Lettuce, Kale, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Cauliflower and more cool season veggies.
Our Tomato plants in all colors, sizes and shapes, sweet and
sizzling hot Peppers, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Squashes and more of the heat lovers will be coming out over the next two weeks.
To make your cooking sing we'll have lots of Herbs as well as our own seed grown flowers to plant for the harmonious concert of beneficial insects, butterflies, hummingbirds and our beloved bees.

We're harvesting lots of gorgeous greens from our field; Lettuce, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Mustard greens, and more. Perfect for salads, steaming or saut?s.
All fresh, organic and
naturally delicious!

If you're interested in joining The Good Earth's CSA
for a weekly "share" of our fresh organic veggies
that we grow here on our farm,
we still have shares available for this season.
Visit the CSA page on our website for more information.

For all of you flower lovers we have a good selection of perennials-including many natives-to bring color and fragrance to your sanctuary.
For climbers we have some native wisteria and honeysuckle, roses and
colorful clematis. We also have two very quick growing vines to cover an unsightly view or fill in as a privacy screen. Autumn blooming clematis and Akibia quinata.
We have a great selection of flowering annuals too
for pops of color throughout summer and into fall.
Whether for sun or shade, wet or dry, short or tall...
we've got the right plant for the right place.

One of the fundamental factors that contribute to our good health is the quality of the food we eat. Studies show that organic growing methods produce food that is more nutritious and better for us our children and our pets,
as well as the air we breathe and the water we drink. So why not!
To achieve the best results, we need to provide the proper environment
for our plants (edible or ornamental) to thrive and provide us with
nutritious veggies and beautiful flowers.
The basic principle of organic growing is to
 feed the soil and the soil will feed the plants.
Thanks to folks like Paul Sachs at North Country Organics of Vermont
we are able to offer the very best in natural organic fertilizers and
amendments to provide the nutrients our plants need to grow.
They ve been creating exceptional organic fertilizer blends and offering
a wide range of products essential for organic gardeners since 1983.

Building a new raised bed and need some good organic soil to fill it with?
We have a good supply of bulk compost and a "raised bed mix"
to fill your beds or amend your gardens.

We also can help you with pests that bother your plants, from
the grubs that eat the roots to the caterpillars that eat the leaves.
Our natural grub control-the beneficial nematodes-have arrived and they are
looking forward to a grub banquet, so if you have bare patches on your lawn
or find big juicy white grubs every time you lift the shovel
you need these guys as much as they need you!

Step into our Farm Stand and you'll find our selection of

Flower, Herb and Vegetable Seeds, seed Potatoes, Asparagus roots and
summer blooming Annual bulbs
Specialty food products from near and far&
Local cheeses, organic coffee & chocolate bars pasta,
crackers, cookies flavored oils and much more.
Special Feature
Fine art works by Elspeth, our artist in residence.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

RI's only certified organic garden center